Hangover cures vary far and wide. Everyone has their kick-starter food after a night on the town (or a night on the sofa “accidentally” drinking an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio to yourself while hurling unnecessary abuse at 18-year-old X Factor contestants, there’s no judgement here). Personally, I know of several.

I have an aunt who absolutely swears by Diet Coke. My partner won’t get out of bed after a drink unless a full-on fry up is on offer. Someone I work with even says tuna does the trick, apparently.

My saving grace after a hangover

One of my personal hangover cures is a bacon and fried egg sandwich. For me, it’s perfect for those post-drink mornings when I need something a bit greasy but my stomach can’t quite face a full English. It’s certainly not the most nutritious breakfast but, you know, alcohol does funny things to a girl.

If, like me, you’re partial to a bacon and fried egg sandwich, I’ve managed to trim the edges a little.




These are my top tips:

  • If it doesn’t make you want to vomit in your fragile state, then try cutting off as much fat from the bacon as possible before cooking it.


  • Always grill instead of frying; as good as fried bacon smells to your numbed senses, grilling gets rid of way more fat and grease.


  • Use cooking spray when you fry your eggs instead of pouring big glugs of oil into the pan.


  • As appealing as a thick chunk of white bread looks on the morning after, stick to wholemeal for a more beneficial breakfast. Your body will thank you.


  • Don’t use butter! Sounds weird, but if you’re going to squeeze a healthy dose of ketchup or brown sauce on there anyway, that along with the egg yolk should make the sandwich moist enough without having to add butter to the mix.


And there you go! Those are my little tips to make a greasy hangover cure a little easier to digest. You probably already feel bad enough after those drunk texts to your ex anyway…

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