Hi, My Name’s Sam and I’m Addicted to Pizza | #ThisGirlEats

If you told me, right here, right now, that I could only eat one thing for the rest of my existence, I don’t think I would even pause for breath before answering. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Something versatile. Something delicious. Something comforting. Pizza, of course!

When I say I love to eat pizza, boy, do I love to eat it! Not like those oh-I’m-so-relatable-and-down-to-earth celebrities who say they love pizza, but you know they maybe dare to nibble on one slice a year and call it a splurge. Nah, I’m talking about stuffing my face until I can practically feel melted cheese and tomato sauce oozing from my pours – believe me, I’ve spent many an evening stuck on the sofa in a pizza-related food coma and that, my friends, is true love.

But it’s taking a toll. Not only is it expanding my waistline but, in a cruel twist of fate, it has also turned against my bank balance too, with tempting offers from local takeaways always finding a way to sneak into my inbox and call me over to the dark side of over-priced pizza delivery.

I had to find a way to beat the cycle. And, of course, on my new path to becoming a holier-than-thou health Goddess, I knew I’d have to find a way to have my cake- well, pizza- and eat it whilst getting to grips with this whole “being good” thing, otherwise I’d never even make it past Two For Tuesdays.

My solution, therefore, is this: home-made pizza. Yes, it’s still laden with gooey cheese. It’s still got all my favourite toppings. And it even comes with a side of crispy, golden chips! How, you ask? Well, I simply made a few changes – using individual pizza bases for a smaller serving, using my own from-scratch tomato sauce and making home-made, oven-cooked potato chips all helped to create a filling meal that, alright, still isn’t super healthy, but managed to satisfy my cravings without turning to an all-out binge.

Ultimately, I’d call that a success.

If you’re living with the shame of pizza over-indulgence and want to try and curb your insatiable habit, check out my recipe for a simple home-made pizza and chips here.


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