Ladies, a Big, Juicy Sausage Doesn’t Have to be the Enemy!

Okay, so this post definitely isn’t just for girls – this ain’t no Yorkie bar, y’unno! – but the title made me laugh like the immature person I am, so whatever. *

*Side note, does that Yorkie joke make me sound old?
My partner’s 10-year-old doesn’t even know what a Yorkie bar is…

Anyway, this post is all about sausages. Surprisingly versatile, I’d say- Cumberland, chipolata, hot dog, Bratwurst, the list is endless! And they’re all pretty delicious. The only thing with sausages is that they’re known for being pretty fatty. Whenever we take them out of the oven, the little puddle of fat and grease left on the tray does make them somewhat unappealing…

But, as with most unhealthy things, they taste so darn good! So, as I’ve had to do with most food that I love since starting #ThisGirlEats, I had to come up with a way to be able to still eat sausages and not feel immensely guilty afterwards. Because, let’s face it, a BBQ just isn’t the same without a big, fat, juicy one!


The key, I discovered, does not lie in the sausage itself. Oh no, no, no- rather, it lies in what you eat it with. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? A hot dog, sandwiched in a thick white roll slathered in fried onions, cheese, ketchup, mustard and whatever else, probably isn’t the best thing if you’re counting calories, much to my dismay.

But there are other options! Nibbling on the humble sausage along with something healthier like a salad, or a baked potato, or with some wholewheat pasta, is nothing to feel ashamed of. Alright, so it doesn’t make the sausage any less fatty, but it does make the meal a much better option for the waistline.

Still, that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down a chilli cheese dog if one is put in front of me… I’m only human, after all.



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