RECIPE: Cheese Lovers’ Quesadillas | #ThisGirlEats

Mate, Mexican food is the best isn’t it?!

I’m a lover of enchiladas and, damn, in my eyes a world without guacamole isn’t worth living. My cooking hasn’t stretched too far into the cuisine yet (mostly because I can’t resist over-stuffing burritos to the point that they physically won’t wrap and it basically ends up as rice, chicken and salsa slopped on a tortilla plate…)

But I did recently try making quesadillas which, as it turns out, is super easy! You can fill them with whatever you like and, with this particular one at 472 calories per person, it’s not too bad on the ol’ fitness kick either. This one was for a lunch, but with a side salad it could make an excellent dinner as well!

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 1)

  1. Heating up a large frying pan and placing one tortilla straight on there, no oil or cooking spray needed, is the first of few very simple steps to making these quesadillas.
  2. Then I basically sprinkled my fillings across the entire surface of the tortilla, being careful not to fall into my old habits of overdoing it with a mountain of toppings. This recipe only needs a light covering, so if you’re a feeder like me then just watch out for that!
  3. Once the cheese began to melt, I took that as a sign that things were coming along nicely and thought it was probably about time to whack the second tortilla on top.
  4. It’s then as simple (ha ha HA!) as flipping the tortilla over with a spatula so it cooks on both sides. Yes, some of the filling will probably fall out. Yes, there’s a good chance it will get a little messy. But hey, practise makes perfect and it’s a great excuse to just keep making yummy quesadillas!
  5. I gave them a couple of minutes on each side, making sure the bottom of each tortilla didn’t burn, and then simply slid it out of the pan with the spatula, sliced it into quarters and dug in!

The whole thing honestly takes about five minutes, ten at a stretch, which is perfect for when you can’t really be arsed to cook.

I’ve chosen fillings that I always tend to have at home, and I kept meat out of the equation for this recipe to keep cooking times low. Of course, you can absolutely swap out these for pretty much anything you like, so it’s a wonderfully versatile meal as well as being tasty, quick and easy.

2 wholemeal tortilla wrapsASDA Baker’s Selection Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps – 89p
25g reduced fat cheese, grated400g block of Lighter Mature British Cheddar – £2.20 – Sainsburys
2 mushrooms, sliced300g ASDA Farm Stores White Mushrooms – 68p
Half an onion, choppedTesco Brown Onions – 15.8p / 75p per kg


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