RECIPE: 3 Super Smoothies to Start Your Day | #ThisGirlEats

For me, smoothies are the answer to everything. Don’t have time for breakfast? Make a smoothie. Need more fruit in your diet but can’t be bothered to actually sit and eat it? Drink a smoothie. Kinda peckish but don’t want to give in to junk food temptation? Have another bloody smoothie.

I use a Blend Active Pro to make my smoothies – they’re simple, easy to clean, come with their own bottles and you can get them for around £20 online.

These are just three of my own favourite smoothie recipes, all of which take about 30 seconds in the smoothie maker. Couldn’t be simpler.

Berry Burst & Banana Smoothie
Calories: 225 per serving
90g frozen berries500g Berry Smoothie Mix – £2 – Tesco
1 medium bananaFairtrade Bananas Loose – 12.6p – Sainsbury’s
200ml skimmed milkASDA Milk Skimmed 1 Pint – 45p

If you like your smoothies to be of a thinner consistency, use a little more milk. This recipe makes a pretty thick shake!

Vegan Choco-Nana Smoothie
Calories: 285 per serving
1 medium bananaFairtrade Bananas Loose – 12.6p – Sainsbury’s
200ml soya chocolate milkAlpro Soya UHT Chocolate – £1.40 – Asda
15g / 2tbsp porridge oats 1kg ASDA Smartprice Porridge Oats – 75p
Handful of ice cubes

If you wanted to make this one a little more luxurious, you could swap the chocolate milk for Alpro’s Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream Alternative from their new range.

Pineapple Sugar Rush Smoothie
Calories: 267 per serving
115g (or roughly 3tbsp) pineapple, cut into chunksLidl Pineapple – 95p
Small pot of low fat fruit yoghurtASDA Smartprice Low Fat Fruit Yoghurts – 50p
200ml fresh fruit juicePure Smooth Orange Juice from Concentrate – 79p – Tesco
Handful of ice cubes

This one is very sweet; great for a shot of energy first thing in the morning, but probably not to your taste if you haven’t got much of a sweet tooth.



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