RECIPE: Bacon, Pepper and Avocado Salad | #ThisGirlEats

Hey guys! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really been a big salad lover. But if you get a little creative and make something that really works to your tastes, a salad can actually be quite a scrumptious lunch option. So I’ve created one that’s brilliant for me and the things I love to eat, as well as being quite healthy – who knows, it could be perfect for you too!

There are around 274 calories per person with this dish, perfect for a lunch! Not to mention it’s a great low-carb option, which can really help if you know you’re going to be having quite a carb-y meal later on. If you wanted, you could even bulk this up with some chicken or extra veggies and make a dinner out of it.

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 2)

  1. Firstly, I sprayed a frying pan with Fry Light and allowed it to heat up before chucking in the chopped bacon and cooking for roughly 10 minutes, until the bacon went all lovely and crispy.
  2. I added the peppers to the pan after about 5 minutes of cooking the bacon, just enough so that they aren’t raw, but also so they still have a crunch, and cooked those for about 5 minutes.
  3. The chunks of avocado went in for the last minute or so of cooking – this is optional, but I prefer my avocado to be warm if I’m having it with other hot foods, so I just cooked it for enough time to simply warm it through. At this point, I also added some black pepper and dried garlic to the pan for flavour.
  4. I then just added this to a bowl of salad, stirred it all through and – done!

So easy! The ingredients I used for this recipe are below, as well as some of the cheapest options I found when comparing supermarkets so you can keep the cost of this meal as low as its carbs!

This is just what makes a salad more appealing to me, but there are literally endless combos you could come up with. You could swap the bacon for chicken, or add halloumi cheese or vegetable bhajis instead of meat, or shrink it down and have it as a smaller side salad instead. The options truly are endless, so tweak away!

4 slices of back bacon, choppedWarren & Sons Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers – 95p – Lidl
1 avocado, peeled, stone removed and chopped into chunksLidl Avocado – 75p
Half a red bell pepper, slicedThe Salad Box Loose Red Peppers – 39p – Aldi
Half a bag of pre-prepared salad230g bag of ASDA Growers Selection Fine Cut Salad – 75p

There wasn’t too much seasoning involved in this one, just some black pepper and garlic added to the frying pan last-minute. You don’t even need salt as the bacon does that for you. You could add some salad dressing for extra flavour if you wish.


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