Why Just Have a Salad When You Can Have Bacon Too?

salad gif
Image: giphy.com

Salads are an absolute must-have for most “health food” bloggers – and that’s one of the reasons I’m not one! I’m just not a big fan; I don’t mind a neat little side salad, but a salad as a whole meal? I’m not convinced.

Still, convinced I am not, but aware I am – I’m very clued-up on how salads are an excellent low-fat, low-carb, low-sugar option packed with Five A Day’s and, therefore, accept that I might have to suck it up and get on the leafy bandwagon eventually.

I’ve tried your basic salad combos before- ham salad, bland   Egg salad, vomit-inducing   Potato salad, a mayonnaise-soaked mess   I think that’s when I became really uninspired by salads, and probably what put me off more than anything.

But then I thought to myself, ‘ang on a minute. A salad doesn’t have to be one of the traditional born-in-the-‘80s numbers. It can be anything! As long as you’ve got that standard lettuce base, you can pretty much throw anything in there! It was then I decided to get a little creative…

So I had a think. What do I like? What would really jazz up a salad for me? Well, bacon is an obvious first choice. Bacon makes anything taste delicious. And maybe another type of vegetable outside of the lettuce-tomato-cucumber salad norms- peppers, perhaps? And then, of course, you can’t make anything that is both cool and healthy without the ultimate buzz-food of our time – avocado!

Bacon and Avocado Salad
Salad bowl packed with crispy bacon, crunchy pepper and tasty avocado

So that’s what I rustled up. A pretty simple, but WAY more interesting, salad with some of my favourite additions to make it much more appealing to your average anti-salad’er, such as myself.

You can check out the recipe for my bacon, pepper and avocado salad here.


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