I’d describe my first vlogging experience as awkward, scary and waaay out of my comfort zone – to say the least! But it can’t have been all bad because, for some mad reason, I decided to pick up the camera and do it all again. And this time, it was in front of a load of other holiday makers on the sunny island of Ibiza! 😬



The camera travelled with me and experienced the vacay food and drink 🍹 beautiful views 🌊 last-minute hotels 🛏 and long conversations with the bathroom mirror 👩‍🎤.

ibiza photo - editI thought a holiday food diary would be a great follow-up to the Introducing #ThisGirlEats video, showing a little more of my personality. But it’s also the perfect theme for #ThisGirlEats, because even though we were abroad it was still all about real food – this was just your normal, everyday girl’s holiday on a budget. None of us had much cash to splash, so it was all about enjoying what was on our doorstep and making a great time for ourselves.

So please check out the video and, if ya fancy, like and subscribe on the #ThisGirlEats YouTube channel!

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