RECIPE: Mediterranean Platter for Two | #ThisGirlEats

I’ve just come back from a gloriously sunny holiday in Spain (you can hear all about it in my Holiday Food Diary vlog!) feeling refreshed, tanned but, most importantly, inspired. Where we stayed wasn’t exactly a culinary goldmine, but just being around another culture’s cuisine prompted me to bring some of the island home with me. 🏝

On that note, I’ve come up with this colourful Mediterranean platter. It makes a great light pick ’n’ mix dinner, but you could also shrink it down for lunch or bulk it out into a party platter. It’s bursting with loads of different food groups, low on carbs, involves minimal cooking and, if you squeeze everything in, it totals around 629 calories per person. Not too shabby!

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 2)

  1. The first part of this recipe is the tortilla crisps. We had some leftover wholemeal tortillas that needed using so I cut them roughly into triangles and stuck them under the grill. It only takes a couple of minutes so keep an eye on them – you want to take them out when they’ve started to brown and go crispy. 
  2. The second (and final) cooking aspect of this meal is the halloumi. 🧀 You can grill or fry it – I fried, because the grill was still in use – and it only needs two minutes on each side on a fairly high heat. I cut the halloumi into slices and put them in the pan until cooked through. 
  3. Then it’s really just a case of plating up! To prepare the salad, I just took a big handful of prepared salad leaves and threw them in a bowl, along with some chopped tomato. 🥗 
  4. For the board, I laid out the slices of prosciutto ham, the bowl of tortilla crisps, slices of halloumi and a small dish of olives. Then all that’s left is to bring out the board with the bowls of salad and dig in! We also treated ourselves to a few dips (shh!) but this is completely optional.

This is already quite a light dinner but, if you wanted to cut down the calories even further, you could trim the fat from the ham, choose a leaner meat, and make sure you fully drain the halloumi after cooking.

Below are the ingredients I used, and the cheapest options I could find to buy them, but, as with everything I make, you can chop and change things to your heart’s content. You could try chorizo, salami or spiced chicken; feta or pecorino cheeses; pita bread or flatbreads; and a whole host of dips and accompaniments. It’s really up to you!

225g block of light halloumi cheese 40% Less Fat Halloumi Cheese – £1.88 – ASDA
100g pack of prosciutto hamDulano Selection Prosciutto Ham – £1.45 – Lidl
2 wholemeal tortillas, sliced into trianglesBaker’s Selection Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps – ASDA
Mixed fresh olivesMixed Olives with Garlic & Herbs – £2 – ASDA

2 bowls of mixed leaf saladLeaf Merchant Mild Mixed Leaf Salad – 59p – Aldi
2 tomatoes, slicedThe Salad Box Tomatoes – 59p – Aldi

You don’t really to season anything here, but you could spice it up with some sauces for the tortillas (we picked a variety to dip in and out of) and drizzle over some salad dressing if you wanted.


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