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You can be your own worst enemy. No, not because you still drunk dial your ex every Saturday night. Not because you see that pile of dirty knickers piling up in the corner of your bedroom every morning and still can’t be arsed to put them in the wash (you can always buy new ones anyway). 🙊

But it’s that little voice in your head. That little voice, the one that convinces you to conquer your fears and feeds you those witty one-liners, can turn on you. I’ll put my hand up and admit that when I’m not paying attention, perhaps daydreaming at work or getting lost in my headphones, it finds a way to creep in, especially when I see other women.

I am NOT one for girl-hate. Turning your back on your fellow ladies just because you think also having girlie bits makes them some kind of threat? Forget it. But I am a sucker for girl-envy – very different. When I’m not keeping my mind on a tight leash, it gets all carried away, like a puppy peeing on a lamp post. It’s got some kind of high-tech Mission Impossible crap going on, zeroing into the nearest woman, zooming in on some aspect of her appearance and comparing it to my own – without my permission!

Before I know it, I’m examining whether that random lady buying some loo roll in Tesco has a slimmer waist than me. What’s that all about?!

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It can spark up some pretty negative thoughts because, let’s face it, who enjoys putting themselves down? And, even worse, who wants to be thinking negative things about (probably) perfectly nice, normal strangers? It’s unfair, it’s unnecessary, and it’s downright toxic for your own mental health and confidence.

It can be super difficult to overcome. I know I’ve told myself a million times to shut out that annoying little voice, but it’s not always easy.

But let’s all work a little harder to give it a go, shall we? Next time you start to use someone else’s looks – or actions, or achievements – to drag yourself down, remind yourself that it is not cool. It’s not going to make you feel any better or worse in the long-run; all it’s gonna do is damage your own self-confidence and make you a more bitter, cranky person. And no-one wants that!be positive selfie

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