RECIPE: Cook-at-Home Chinese “Takeaway” | #ThisGirlEats

I love, love, love takeaways. It’s so nice being able to throw a few quid someone’s way and, in return, getting to cosy up with some of your favourite dishes and spend a quiet night in – just you and the food 💜

But they’re expensive – especially if, like me, you’re greedy and can’t help ordering “just a bit of everything” – and they always carry a gargantuan calorie count along with the hefty price tag. I don’t think I’ve ever scoffed down a takeaway without feeling at least a touch of guilt afterwards (sober, that is).

They’re a convenience; but not if you’re trying to budget or eat healthier. And that’s where #ThisGirlEats comes in! I found a way to make three of my favourite Chinese takeaway dishes – lemon chicken, chilli beef and vegetable chow mein – in my very own kitchen. Yes, okay, so there was more washing up than ordering in, but it was only a fraction of the price and, alright, it wasn’t exactly “calorie controlled” but I definitely reckon we at least trimmed the edges!

cook at home chinese takeaway
Okay, the egg fried rice and duck pancakes are shop bought – I’ve only got two hands, y’unno!

Below are the recipes and ingredients for these classic Chinese takeaway dishes so you can try them at home, just like I did! Believe me, it’s all so delicious you won’t feel like you’re missing out on a thing! 😋


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