RECIPE: Creamy Mushroom Pasta | #ThisGirlEats

I don’t care how many people tell me that a low carb diet is the way to go, I refuse to live without pasta. It’s cheap, it’s filling and it’s brilliant to throw together with whatever ingredients are leftover in the fridge after you’ve spent the weekend too hungover to go shopping and payday is too far away to order pizza 🍕. *

* Little insight into my life there. You’re welcome.

But the whole point of #ThisGirlEats is to find ways to incorporate normal, tasty, everyday food into our diets while living a healthier lifestyle, and this recipe is a perfect example of that. This recipe only just tops 210 calories per person, which makes for an exceptionally light dinner, but it still left me feeling full.

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 2)

  1. The pasta is the easy part (actually, the whole thing is pretty easy, but you know what I mean) – just cooked to packet instructions. I like my pasta soft, so I usually leave it in a large pan of boiling water for about 15 minutes.
  2. After the pasta bubbled away for about 5 minutes, I added the mushrooms and onion to a frying pan with some Fry Light spray and some seasoning.
  3. Once the pasta cooked, I drained the water out, added the cooked veggies to the pan and stirred in the Greek yoghurt – with some cracked black pepper to give it a savoury taste – and gently warmed it for only a minute or so before serving.


150g wholewheat penne pasta – 500g Wholewheat Penne – ASDA – 55p
4 medium mushrooms, chopped – Farm Stores White Mushrooms – ASDA – 68p
1 medium white onion, chopped – Brown Onions – Tesco – 15.8p
4 tbsp (approx. 100g) fat-free Greek yogurt – Fat Free Greek Style Yogurt – ASDA – 50p

Add some dried garlic, thyme and a pinch of salt to the pan of mushroom and onion, and then throw in some black pepper once the yoghurt has been stirred into the pasta.


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