7:25AM: Today has got to be better than yesterday! No pizza (sad face), no late night chips, none of that rubbish; today, it’s a small lunch and a home-cooked dinner. To be fair, it’s already off to a better start because I’ve got electricity, so I can start the day with a cup of green tea – hurrah!

8:10PM: We’ve gone and got a bloody exercise bike! Told you I was taking this seriously! Honestly, is there anything better than being able to work out in your own living room in front of Celebrity Masterchef? No. Of course not. I’m off to work my legs into oblivion and pretend to be a food critic at celebrities cooking “posh nosh”, as Gregg Wallace would say. Probably something with a jus or a quenelle. Laters!

exercise bike


👊 Cup of green tea

👊 Boots Meal Deal – Pesto Chicken sandwich, Walkers Baked Cheese & Onion crisps, Kit Kat, Diet Coke
👊 850ml water

👊 Sweet chilli turkey sausages and mixed vegetables with wholewheat pasta in a tomato sauce, topped with low-fat grated cheese
👊 Glass of sugar-free squash

Post-Dinner Snacks
👊 Graze ‘Slightly Sweet’ Popcorn
👊 Low-calorie instant hot chocolate
👊 850ml water
👊 Cup of tea
👊 2 cubes of vanilla and rose white chocolate

👊 15 minutes on the shiny new exercise bike
👊 30 squats
👊 30 weight lifts
👊 30 push-ups
👊 30 sit-ups

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