My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 3 | #ThisGirlEats

10:10AM: Am I the only one who finds it SO difficult to push myself into doing exercise when I’ve got work? Even when I don’t start until later in the day, it’s so tempting to just spend the morning snuggled up on the sofa, cuppa in hand and Jeremy Kyle on the telly. Taking some chilled “me time” is glorious. But it’s not a substitute for motivation and, really, what’s 10 minutes out of my day? Nothing I guess, especially when it’s still in the comfort of my living room! So I’d better get the yoga mat out…

Today’s motivational music to get me moving:


5:35PM: Note to self: STOP BUYING SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN FROM WASABI! Come on Sam, you know it’s spicy, you know your mouth starts burning and you know you always feel a little sick afterwards! Like yeah, it’s tasty for five minutes but for Gods’ sake girl, just go for chicken katsu curry and learn your lesson!


🌈 2 cups of green tea

Brunch (pre-work food)
🌈 2 wholemeal mixed vegetable wraps
🌈 850ml water

🌈 Wasabi – sweet chilli chicken with rice
🌈 Mango juice drink
🌈 850ml water
🌈 Small bar of chocolate

Dinner (well, late night, post-work snack)
🌈 2 sweet chilli turkey sausages with 2 fried eggs (yes, I’ve had a sweet chilli kinda day. My stomach lining has now been fully eroded, thanks for asking.)

🌈 30 squats
🌈 30 weight lifts
🌈 30 push-ups
🌈 30 sit-ups


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