My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 5 | #ThisGirlEats

1:30PM: Saaaatuuuurdaaaay! It’s impossible to explain to anyone who doesn’t work in retail – or something of similar nature – what a genuine treat it is to have a weekend off. Literal bliss. Anyway, this Saturday has been even more blissful because I’ve only gone and bought my very first car! AND I’m heading out to lunch to celebrate with a friend, because this monuments lifetime milestone cannot simply pass unnoticed.

lisa dances

5PM: We went to Pizza Express for lunch and I think I’d find it physically impossible to go to an Italian restaurant and stick to a diet. The menu is 95% a combination of cheese and carbs, how can I resist? But the thing is, as is always the rule with #ThisGirlEats, it’s about eating NORMALLY and NOT RESTRICTING yourself, but trying to avoid an all-out BONKERS BINGE. So, we split a single serving garlic bread (honestly, it was tiny); I had a fresh pesto chicken pasta instead of a massive pizza or a super-creamy sauce; and we finished with a small sweet treat, some ice cream – not a huge sundae, and we steered well clear of the fudge cake and chocolate brownie! And believe me, I’m full…

bruce matilda youtube


🔥 Fat free Greek yogurt with mixed fruit and drizzle of honey
🔥 Green tea

🔥 Half a single serving of plain garlic bread
🔥 Pesto chicken pasta
🔥 2 scoops of ice cream
(All courtesy of the delightful people at Pizza Express and their “main course for a fiver” deal with O2 Priority, cheers guys.)
🔥 Glass of orange juice
🔥 Glass of water

🔥 Two slices of wholemeal toast
🔥 500ml water

🔥 Pringles
🔥 Dairy Milk
🔥 Small can of Rekordalig cider

🔥 40 mins walking


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