My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 10

10:20PM: OMG. 

What a traumatic experience.

I am never driving again.

My car stalled and wouldn’t start up again on the drive home from work. Thank the Lord for the Welsh roadside recovery bloke who just happened to be passing and pushed the car out of everyone’s way, and thank the Lord again for my boyfriend, who ran from the flat to help get the car home because I was too freaked out to keep driving.

Yes, I panicked. I cried. It was horrible. It was exactly what I’ve been so scared of from the minute I started this stupid driving thing. And I’m so sorry to everyone who was stuck behind me, or couldn’t get round me – I really hated being in your way (believe me!). But also, when you pull up beside a young girl who is clearly inexperienced, in tears, panicking, stuck and doesn’t want to be there as much as you don’t want her to be there – maybe beeping, swearing and waving your hands at her isn’t the most helpful solution. These things happen. Just don’t be a prick about it, alright?

10:35PM: I’m so upset I’m not even hungry. And I only had a salad for lunch.


Cup of green tea

Pesto pizza bites – 2 slices of wholemeal toast with tomato purée and pesto spread and topped with low-fat Red Leicester grated cheese, mushroom and tomato
Pint glass of orange squash

Bacon, avocado and pepper salad
Walkers Sour Cream & Pepper Sunbites
Bar of Dairy Milk
Banana, strawberry, blueberry, coconut milk, plain soya yogurt and chia seed smoothie
500ml water

Post-work snack
Bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal with coconut milk
Cup of tea

pesto pizza bites edit


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