My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 11

7:30AM: Back on the bus. Slowly recovering from my trauma. Very, very slowly.

8PM: Ah, a Friday night in peace, exactly what I need. Flat to myself. Perfect dinner (gosh, I’m so humble – it was bloody delicious though!). Self-indulgent TV. Just an evening on the sofa all to myself, unwinding and trying not to relive the night before…


🙃 Cup of green tea

🙃 Jam sandwich, Walkers Sour Cream and Pepper Sunbites, Alpro cereal bar, Fibre One chocolate brownie, handful of grapes
🙃 500ml water

🙃 Chicken pesto gnocchi with onion, mushroom and low-fat grated cheese
🙃 Slice of garlic bread
🙃 2 small cans of Rekordalig cider

🙃 Small pot of chocolate mousse (yes I am a child)
🙃 Cheddar and red onion crisps


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