My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 13

9AM: God. I hate waking up for work on a Sunday. It just seems illegal, doesn’t it? Definitely shouldn’t be allowed 👎

1:15PM: My friend just reminded me about a FRIENDS themed pub quiz tonight, I’m now very excited and even more looking forward to getting this day over and done with so I can smash some ’90s sitcom trivia questions.

10PM: We didn’t win, but we came 5th out of, like, 31 teams. And we didn’t get a single Friends question wrong. And I got some free cocktail vouchers for winning the music bingo round. So it was a personal win, really.


🏆 Cup of green tea

🏆 Chicken and bacon wrap
🏆 Chips
🏆 Diet Coke
🏆 850ml water

Out for food… again. This time at Canterbury’s Penny Theatre.
🏆 “New York” style burger in a bagel bun with fries and chipotle mayo
🏆 Pint of cider
🏆 Diet Coke


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