My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 15

11:30AM: I’m really not kidding when I say I could eat anything in a wrap. Honestly, put it in a wrap and I’ll eat it. This is not an open invitation, btw 😳


4:30PM: Just because these tortillas are wholemeal doesn’t mean I can get away with eating a quesadilla before work and homemade wraps on my lunch break now, does it? I think that still counts as an excessive amount of carbs. Damn… Oh fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.


🌯 Cup of green tea

Pre-work brunch
🌯 Cheese and mushroom quesadilla

🌯 Avocado, spinach, mushroom and bacon wholemeal wraps
🌯 Walkers Sour Cream and Black Pepper Sunbites
🌯 Fibre One chocolate brownie bite
🌯 Pot of mixed berries and grapes
🌯 Bottle of zero sugar Fanta
🌯 850ml water
🌯 Twirl chocolate bar

Post-work snack
🌯 Bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal with coconut milk


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