My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 17

8:30AM: I don’t wanna get up… 💤

9AM: Okay. I’m up. LET’S DO THIS!

10:50AM: Still on the sofa watching This Morning. A productive day as usual.

10PM: We’ve been using milk alternatives for so long now that I honestly can’t tell the difference. I never really liked milk anyway, just used it to satisfy my tea and cereal cravings (both can disappear for months on end and then suddenly reappear from nowhere with a vengeance) so now coconut and almond milks do the job just fine.


✊ Cup of green tea

Pre-work munch
✊ Bacon (fat removed) and egg sandwich on wholemeal bread

✊ Wasabi – Chicken katsu curry
✊ Diet Coke
✊ Chocolate buttons
✊ 850ml water

Post-work snack
✊ Bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal with coconut milk
✊ Cup of tea


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