My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 22

10:50AM: Out bright and early (HA HA!) to do some essential shopping – Halloween decorations! 👻

3:45PM: It’s so fun when the creative juices get flowing, isn’t it? I just love it when I get a new idea in my head and feel that fluttering of excitement in my stomach when I think of the potential it could bring. My eyes light up, my mind starts racing and I have to start working on it right away; I’ve spent most of the day scribbling a thousand thoughts into a new notepad and now I can see a new project starting to come together on the page. It’s awesome.

7:40PM: I feel like a student again! I’ve spent all day at my desk, sketching ideas and tapping at my laptop, streaming TV shows and movies in the background and taking the occasional tea break. So, in keeping with my reminiscing of uni days, I’ve ordered a pizza so I can eat at my desk and continue working without really having to stop. Some say that’s lazy but, think about it – is it actually super productive? Yeah. That’s right.


🎃 Cup of green tea

🎃 Bowl of carrot and coriander soup – my absolute faaaaaavourite just in time for winter – with wholemeal bread

🎃 Slices of takeaway pizza, with low-fat cheese (with plenty leftover for the boyfriend, so I didn’t scoff the lot!)



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