My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 23

11:20AM: Winter is really on the way, isn’t it? It looks all lovely and sunny out there, but don’t trust it – as soon as you step outside into what seems like a warm summer’s day you actually realise… shit. It’s bloody cold out here. I’m not ready for this 😩

10:15PM: Does herbal tea solve all? I hope so. I’ve been feeling sick for hours now, I can’t really think of a reason or a remedy, so I’m curled up in bed with two cups of herbal tea and The Apprentice on iPlayer. That’ll solve it, right?


☕ Cup of green tea

☕ Jacket potato with chilli and cheese
☕ Chocolate Munchies
☕ Diet Coke
☕ 850ml water

Post-work snack
☕ Graze snack pot
☕ Cup of green tea
☕ Cup of camomile tea


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