My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 26

2:15PM: I fear I may have said this before, but retail on a Saturday just honestly drives you to the edge. If anything is going to tip you over into the arms of your vices, this is it and, for me, it’s junk food. I need something to see me through until the late hours of shopping centre opening times, don’t judge me.

9:05PM: Sitting in a parked car eating KFC in the dark. It’s all gone out the window. This is a new low.


💧 Handful of BBQ Pringles (what? They were just there!)
💧 Cup of green tea

💧 Wasabi – Chicken Katsu Curry
💧 Diet Coke

💧 KFC meal – Zinger burger, chips, Diet Coke


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