My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 30

This is it. This is my final entry in the ‘My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle‘ food diary, and I’m SUPER grateful to anyone who has kept up with my daily ramblings and embarrassing food habits 😳

The whole point of documenting a month’s worth of what I did and, more importantly, what I ate, was to make myself aware. It’s easy snack and binge and say, “Oh, go on then, I’ll treat myself” without even thinking about what we’ve actually consumed, but making myself sit down at the end of each day and write down everything I’ve had to eat and drink has really forced me to face up to my foodie vices.

I’ve tried to eat as normally as possible and be totally honest over these 30 entires. I mean, what’s the point in pretending? Being real about it, even when I’ve felt guilty for ordering midweek takeaways or making huge, ill-advised, late-night, post-drink snacks,  has given me a real insight into my many, many misgivings. It’s highlighted my worst habits and, while that’s sometimes been hard to swallow, it’s allowed me to pinpoint the biggest changes I need to make in order to go forward and actually live a healthier lifestyle!

Again, thanks for everyone who has kept up and not judged me along the way… I’ll go back to posting recipes and, you know, useful things now.


🍾 Green tea
🍾 Toast with chocolate spread

🍾 Chicken burrito bowl (sliced chicken breast, brown rice, mixed beans, sliced tomato, cooked pepper and onion, sliced avocado)
🍾 850ml water
🍾 500ml summer fruit squash

🍾 Spicy chicken with cous cous

Night out food + drink
🍾 Pint of cider
🍾 Two pints of water
🍾 Post-pub bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal with almond milk
🍾 Cup of tea


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