RECIPE: Oven-Cooked Sweet Potato Fries | #ThisGirlEats

For some reason I’ve always thought I didn’t like sweet potatoes. I don’t remember trying and disliking them, it’s just sort of been ingrained in me. Like, sweet potatoes? No thanks. It’s an instant reaction. But they seem like something I should like. So this week I tried making sweet potato fries at home as a last-ditch attempt to jump on the foodie bandwagon, and LOVED them!

It depends how you wanna serve these – I had them on their own for lunch, so I just cooked up a whole sweet potato for myself. I was ecstatic to find there’s a way to essentially just eat a big bowl of fries for lunch and feel completely guilt-free. But if I was making them as a side, however, I’d probably use a whole potato for two people. So, it’s around 120 calories per potato – just depends if you feel like sharing! 😉

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 1 as a main dish, serves 2 as a side)

  1. I’m not really familiar with cooking sweet potato, on account of inexplicably not eating them for most of my life, but I just sorta hacked away at it, chopping it into chip-shaped chunks. Seemed to work out fine. 
  2. Then, laying the fries out on a baking tray, I coated them in a small amount of oil (I was afraid cooking spray wouldn’t crisp up properly – but feel free to try it!) and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic flakes and rosemary. 
  3. It was a complete guess, but I cooked on 220°C for 20 minutes, turning them over halfway through and, again, they turned out fine. Crispy and, to my surprise, utterly delicious!


1 sweet potato, sliced into chips35p – Sweet Potatoes Loose, Tesco

For me, seasoning was key for this recipe. Adding a healthy dose of flavour helped me scoff down with delight something I would’ve previously avoided. Coat the fries in salt (try onion salt for an extra burst of flavour!) and pepper, sprinkle with garlic flakes and a handful of rosemary, dried or fresh.

sweet potato fries
Crispy, tasty, oven-baked sweet potato fries

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