BLOGMAS: Welcome to My 24 Days of Blogmas!

This is the first time I’ve had a long-running blog, something personal I’ve really bothered with cared about, and even though it’s only been a few months I’ve had so much fun creating content for #ThisGirlEats! One of the best parts has been taking on new challenges, pushing the boundaries of my own imagination. So I’ve decided to take on a brand new challenge – blogmas! 🎄

From today until Christmas Eve, I’ll be publishing a festive blog post every day. I’ll be posting recipes (which I’m super excited to make – and eat!) with a seasonal twist, going off on foodie ramblings over the festive period, and detailing the journey through my very first Christmas all moved out and grown up!

Tackling blogmas will be my final blogging target of the year, and it’s one I’m determined to achieve before moving onto whatever else #ThisGirlEats will bring me in 2018!

Happy blogging, folks.


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