BLOGMAS: Soaking Up My Best Bits from 2017

As December hits, often so does a fresh wave of reflection on the eleven months that preceded it. Sometimes this is painful, realising you haven’t hit all the targets you hoped at the beginning of the year. When this happens, all you can do is stuff your face with turkey and After Eights for the next few weeks and get ready to give it another go. There’s always next year, after all.

For me, this has always been the case. I make a batch of resolutions every year (they’re almost always the same – new job, lose weight, save money, etc.) and, every year, it gets to the festive season and I realise the only thing I’m going to achieve between then and the end of the year is blitzing Etsy for all it’s worth. So I just give up, and try again next year. But 2017 has been… different. I set myself several goals back in January, and although I can’t say I’ve hit the nail on the head with every one, I have definitely made enormous strides between then and now with the ones I consider most important. 💯

The first resolution I ticked off the list, and probably the one I was most desperate to achieve, was moving out. We’ve got our cosy little flat now and, while it’s not perfect, it works for us. I so badly wanted to move out this year, it’s the only thing I felt absolutely certain I would smash by the end of 2017. And I did!

xmas tree edit

My next achievement of the year is also my biggest. In fact, on a personal level it’s probably my biggest achievement EVER, and certainly the most proud I’ve felt. And that, my friends, is learning to drive. It might be completely banal to some of you, but it’s something I genuinely thought I’d never do. It’s been a love/hate relationship – it still is! But I did it, and if I told myself this time last year I’d be driving around in my own car today I would’ve laughed in your face. What a difference a year can make!

car photo

The final resolution is one I made quite early on last year, but up until very recently thought was heading out the window. I desperately wanted to leave my retail job – I just couldn’t face another Christmas! But, as everyone who works in retail knows, Christmas starts for us pretty much as soon as Halloween finishes and once November crept up and I was still fake-smiling at customers, I resigned myself to spending another Christmas hating my job. That is, until I got a call offering me a new job working for a media company that started on 1st December. I handed in my notice that day, and the feeling of relief, happiness and pride was overwhelming. It still is.

work pic

So that’s it. The three biggies, done. I honestly started this year telling myself that “2017 is going to be my year”, but never really believing it. Well, I can now safely say that 2017 WAS my year! So even though I’m kinda sad to say goodbye to it, I’m so bloody excited to see what comes next!


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