BLOGMAS: It’s Not Christmas Without It – Leftover Turkey Curry, Slow-Cooker Style

“It all began on New Years day, in my 32nd year of being single. Once again I found myself on my own and going to my mother’s annual turkey curry buffet.”

Bridget Jones, you read my mind.

bridget jones gif


Picture it. It’s Boxing Day. You wake up, undoubtedly disturbed by someone else in the house much more annoyingly chirpy than you, and are instantly hit by the faint smell of yesterday’s booze and a crumpled up Christmas cracker hat on your pillow. The last thing on your mind is cooking; in fact, you’re probably just grateful that the Christmas dinner isn’t making a reappearance 🚽

But you know that hangover won’t last forever and, when it evaporates, you’ll be left with a ravenous need for comfort food to nurse you back to health. That’s where this leftover turkey curry comes into play – all it takes is a handful of turkey, some basic store cupboard ingredients and a slow cooker to do all the work for you.

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 2)

  1. There’s honestly SO LITTLE cooking involved here. Everything except the rice and the yoghurt gets heaped into a slow cooker, stirred together and cooked for however long you need – check the instructions for your cooker.
  2. Half an hour or so before serving, the rice needs preparing – which basically involves pouring into a microwave-safe bowl, covering with water, seasoning and sticking into the microwave for the recommended time (trust me, it’s cooking by numbers).
  3. Just before you serve the curry, stir in a couple of spoonfuls of low-fat plain yoghurt to give it a creamier texture. Then it’s all ready to go!

I’ve listed some ideas for ingredients and shopping options below, but please don’t stick to this word-for-word. You’ve got a lot to play around with – for example, it depends which cut of turkey you use, how much you’ve got leftover, etc. I like using turkey legs for the flavour (and price!) so that’s what I’ve put down. Also, when it comes to the curry paste, I don’t like too much spice so I’ve opted for a mellow korma flavour, but if you’re brave enough to hit up the vindaloo then go for it!

Leftover Turkey MeatButcher’s Selection British Turkey Drumstick – £2.25 – ASDA
1 Onion, ChoppedBrown Onions – 15.8p – Tesco
1 Medium Potato, ChoppedBaking Potatoes Loose – 21.7p – Sainsburys
1 Tin Chopped TomatoesSmartprice Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice – 29p – ASDA
2 tbsp Curry PasteCurry Pasta Korma – £1 – ASDA
Small Glass of Almond MilkFree From Almond Milk Unsweetened – 97p – ASDA
1 Chicken Stock Cube, CrumbledStock Cubes Chicken – 43p – ASDA
2 tbsp Plain Low-Fat YoghurtSmartprice Low Fat Natural Yogurt – 45p – ASDA
Brown RiceGolden Sun Long Grain Brown Rice Easy Cook – 99p – Lidl

I guess this depends how much heat you can handle with your Boxing Day hangover! But I would definitely throw some chilli flakes into the slow cooker, along with some dried garlic flakes, dried coriander leaf, salt and black pepper. To make the rice a little more interesting, I also add dried coriander leaf, salt and pepper to the bowl while it cooks.



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