BLOGMAS: New Year’s Resolutions

I know some people think they’re corny and, yes, by making them every year I fall victim to the “New Year’s Eve is coming, get ready for the ‘New Year, new me’ bullshit” memes. But I love creating New Year’s resolutions! They make me feel hopeful, they give me focus and ambition, and if the year has been a bit shit they give me a fresh mindset which prepares me to take on the next one with even more determination.

new year new me

So what are my New Year’s resolutions for 2018?

I managed to tick a lot of boxes in 2017. In terms of practical, adult, getting-my-shit-sorted stuff, 2017 has been pretty damn great to me – new flat, new car, new job. So I think my goals for next year are going to be much more personal. I’ve spent a lot of time recently organising my world around me, so I think next year should be about looking inside myself and seeing what I can do to better myself as a person. To have a healthier body, healthier mind and healthier relationships.

So my resolutions list for 2018 goes a little like this…

Get Healthy. If, by the end of this coming year, I could lose a few pounds; be able to confidently say I’m comfortably a singular, non-fluctuating clothes size; and have a regular exercise schedule in place that actually ensures working out is part of my everyday life, I’ll be a very happy blogger. 💪

Take Better Care Of Myself. Of course this ties in with the above, but it’s way more than that. Not biting my nails, getting my hair cut and coloured more often, going out for more walks, actually getting off my butt and seeing a hygienist about my terrible teeth (yes I am a British stereotype…) The list goes on. 💅

Work Harder At My Relationships. I wouldn’t say I have any BAD relationships – far from it. But I think we can all admit that once we’ve been with the same partner or friendship circle for a while, we become complacent. I’m definitely guilty of it. We get lazy, but I don’t want to be someone who takes any relationship for granted. This is the year I pour much more time and effort into my friends, family and boyfriend, because none of those are worth letting slip away. 👫


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