BLOGMAS: Have Yourself A Merry Emo Christmas – Doing Xmas the Alternative Way

If you know me, you know that I never really, truly grew out of my emo phase. Sure, I’ve toned down the eyeliner, loosened up the skinny jeans and made my fringe a little less ridiculously dramatic so, y’unno, I can see and stuff. But believe me, deep down, my heart is still black as night. 🖤

I still love listening to The Black Parade. I still get a little excited when I see a shiny new pair of Converses. I still go and see teenage pop-punk bands and dance until I’m sweating through my eyeballs. On the surface I might’ve grown up (ha, somewhat…) but I think I’m always going to have that “alternative” girl lurking inside, ready to pounce, and I love her.

emo me 2
Yes, that is me, probably aged about 14, loving life on a school trip and drowning in eye make-up.

Meeting my boyfriend has only encouraged me to keep this aspect of my personality alive, since he might be in his late 20’s but still looks like a teenage skater punk, with his Fall Out Boy tattoos and a lip piercing. Need I say more? So it was only fitting for our first Christmas in our own flat that, when choosing our decorations, we stayed true to ourselves.

I love all that mushy, festive nonsense, don’t get me wrong – we’ve got tacky tinsel everywhere and you can barely move for cinnamon-scented candles. But we wanted things to still feel like “us” so if you look closely in among our Christmas decorations, you’ll find a few tributes as we indulge in our emo side, even at this time of the year…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jack Skellington is genuinely a Christmas icon though, so don’t even TRY telling me this isn’t festive. I will come for you. 🤘


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