BLOGMAS: Why Counting Calories is Banned for My Christmas

I’m obsessed with food (what, you run a food blog and you’re obsessed with food? Shocker!) and, of course, Christmas brings with it a whole feast of foodie treats that, frankly, the rest of the year is missing out on, big time.

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I know some of you lot out there are proper bah humbugs – although if that’s the case then why are you reading a blogmas post?! – but I’m not. I really love Christmas, especially now I don’t have to work in retail over the festive period and might actually get to enjoy the holidays this year. One of the things I love the most about Christmas is the food and drink – having a cheeky prosecco whenever you fancy just because “why not, it’s Christmas!”; loosening your belt in time for a massive Christmas dinner; and, if you’re a big kid like me, an advent calendar choccie every day. It’s heaven! 🍾

Some people are strict enough to keep an eye on their diets once December hits and, to those people, I say well bloody done. But I am not one of those people. I couldn’t think of anything worse than counting the calories when there are so many goodies on offer – it’d just be a one-way ticket to a month-long guilt trip.

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That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my health, by the way. It doesn’t mean I’m lazy. It doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit about what I’m shoving in my gob, or anything quite so callous. It just means I believe that I work hard all year, my brain hurts from trying work out how “good” or “bad” my diet is almost every day of the rest of the year, so I reckon I deserve one break. Just one bloody month of relief!

So yes, in December, I’m probably going to eat one too many pigs in blankets. I’m probably going to tuck into the chocolate tins with gusto. I’m probably going to crack on with the Bucks Fizz first thing on Christmas morning and not look back. And you know what? Just for a few weeks in the year, I’m not going to beat myself about it.

That’s what January is for, right?

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