BLOGMAS: We Went Shopping for Christmas Snacks… And Bought Them All.

As I’ve mentioned on here, this is the first Christmas for me and the boyf living together in our own place, which means the fate of having a successful holiday season relies ENTIRELY ON US. No pressure.

It’s the first time either of us have ever had control over any aspect of organising Christmas, particularly the snacks. It’s one of the best bits about this time of year, let’s be honest, but I’m not used to having all the decisions in my own hands – the most input I’ve ever had is making sure the best flavour of Pringles (BBQ, right?) has pride of place on the snack table.

So, with the free reign, we decided we would go to the supermarket and do the Christmas snack shop. And, of course, be totally sensible about it. We are adults, after all. We are completely in charge. We have willpower. We’re on a budget so we told ourselves, very firmly, that we would be strict and only buy the absolute essentials. No splurges.

Obviously, this went COMPLETELY out the window the second we stepped foot down the Christmas isle of the shop. “Ooh, look, Pop Chips in the shape of Star Wars characters! Put those straight in the trolley, they are definitely a must-have. Christmas simply would not be the same without them.”

We ended up with two bagfuls of goodies, ranging from the classics (Heroes and Celebrations, but we boycotted the Quality Streets and Roses – both of us agreed that we aren’t down with confectionary that isn’t clearly labelled. No-one wants to end up with an accidental Hazel Whirl, it’s just not worth the risk) to some more unique finds – refer back to the Star Wars Pop Chips.

We definitely bought more than we should’ve, considering it’s going to be just in the flat for most of the holidays. But I’m sure we’ll manage to get rid of the lot…




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