BLOGMAS: Celebrate Christmas in Style – Prosecco Lollies

Christmas is a time for indulgence; it’s the perfect excuse to spoil yourself, not because you’ve achieved some life goal or worked your butt off for something, but just because, you know, “it’s Christmas!“.

Usually the recipes I experiment with use everyday ingredients on a real-life budget. It’s all about the practicality here at #ThisGirlEats. But, in the spirit of Christmas, I’m letting loose with some of my blogmas recipes and pushing the boat out to make something a little special for the festive season. 🍾

On that note, allow me to introduce you to these fruity prosecco ice lollies, perfect for your Christmas celebrations! 🥂

So, this is how I did it…
(Makes 4 lollies)

  1. Start by pouring yourself a glass of prosecco – that’s what I did, just for tasting purposes, obviously.
  2. Then pour whatever prosecco you have left into the ice lolly moulds, filling them about halfway up – don’t worry, we’re not skimping out on the prosecco here, I promise you there is a reason for this.
  3. Add to each one of the lolly moulds a teaspoon of sugar, at which point the prosecco will likely fizz up so maybe keep some kitchen towel close to hand. Once it’s calmed down, fill the moulds up with a little more prosecco, but leave a small gap at the top of mould so the lollies have room to expand as they freeze.
  4. Drop the fruit into the moulds and try your best to evenly distribute it (although we all know that none of us are here for the fruit, let’s be honest).
  5. Pop in the freezer for 24 hours and they should be nicely set into perfect prosecco lollies.

Half a Bottle of ProseccoBelletti Prosecco Spumante – £5.70 – Aldi
4 tsp SugarSilver Spoon Granulated Sugar – 42p – Morrisons
4 tbsp Chopped Mixed FruitPerfectly Imperfect Mixed Berries – £3.41 – Tesco



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