BLOGMAS: Forget the Christmas Pudding – This is the Only Cake I Want For Christmas.

Every year, since I was a child, my nan has given me the most glorious Christmas gift I could ever ask for. It didn’t come wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning, or tucked into an envelope in the Scout’s Post.

It came in a huge tupperware container, about a week or so before Christmas. It was handed over to me by the woman herself and given pride of place on the kitchen side, where I would stare at it every day with eager eyes until the day when I would inevitably crack under the pressure and open it.

You can forget your Christmas cake with its blanket of marzipan (aka. the devil’s icing), your mince pies with their gross little raisins hiding inside, your stodgy, brandy soaked Christmas pud. This is the real Messiah of Christmas desserts, the real game changer – my nan’s Yule log.

It’s coated with this rich, sweet, creamy chocolate buttercream icing, underneath which lies the classic chocolate and vanilla swiss roll. It’s a pretty standard put-together, sure, but just the thought of that delicious icing… Man, it has my mouth watering all year round!

Honestly, if you ask me what my favourite thing about Christmas is, it won’t be presents or charades or the Only Fools and Horses specials (although they do hold a special place in my heart)… it’ll be my nan’s chocolate Yule log.

chocolate log 2


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