BLOGMAS: Silly Things You Can Only Indulge in At Christmas – and Why You Absolutely Should!

It’s like all rules of normal society just disappear as soon as you open that first day on the advent calendar. Chocolate for breakfast?!

And so it begins…

It rolls on throughout the month, like a never-ending riot that continues to ignore all of the social norms that we, as Brits, have obeyed like holy scripture for the previous eleven months. Alcohol on a weeknight? Ugly jumpers designed to deliberately draw attention to ourselves? Being peer pressured into spending time with colleagues outside of the office and calling it a party? Madness. Utter madness.

Except… Well, is it? Or is it just our pent-up, anxious minds finally unleashing their inner wild side? We spend most of the year concerned with social etiquette, worrying about how to conduct ourselves and what is regarded as acceptable. It spans across every aspect of our lives – our appearance, our careers, our relationships.

oprah gif

But at Christmas, our neatly folded worlds get flipped upside and, for some reason, suddenly none of it matters. All those things you’re so consumed by for the rest of year – sticking to a diet, achieving work goals, a sensible budget, whatever it may be – become irrelevant. You can eat three mince pies in a row and no-one makes you feel guilty about it, and you don’t even punish yourself either, because Christmas allows you to realise that other things, like sitting around the table with your family sharing Christmas dinner, are more important than worrying about what’s actually on the table.

You don’t stress about your goals – for me, that’s things like social media followers, Instagram pics and publishing posts – because you know New Year’s is just around the corner, so you push everything into the little 2018 filing cabinet of your mind and think no more about it until the NYE hangover clears.

kim k gif

The purse strings that are tied tight all year long are loosened because an overwhelming urge to give, give, give just overcomes us. We spend a shitload on gifts for everyone and anyone, and we buy bagfuls of food and drink which, let’s face it, is mostly for other people. No-one wants to visit your place Christmas and find out you’re skimping on the snacks…

We spend a month wearing bauble earrings and fluffy santa hats and Christmas themed transferable tattoos (if you’re me). We do silly, strange things for no real reason. And that’s probably very, very good for us.

christmas holly


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