BLOGMAS: What I’ve Loved (and Hated) About Completing My Blogmas Challenge

Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with me for this 24 day stretch to complete my latest blogging challenge, blogmas. I’m pleased to say we are finally coming to an end, and this is my final blogmas post! 🎉

It’s been awesome having something to focus on during the most hectic time of year. It’s kept me grounded, it’s kept me sane – although, at times, it’s felt a bit like I’ve been going insane! There have been some definite pros and cons of taking on the challenge, and I’d like to think I’ve taken them all in my stride.

christmas holly

The best thing about deciding to crack on with blogmas for #ThisGirlEats is that it’s pushed me to get really creative. I love blogging but, sometimes, the “idea well” runs dry and, when that happens, it’s easy to just sit around waiting for that lightning bolt to hit. But the pressure of an everyday blog challenge forced me to push on, and I surprised myself several times by coming up with a post when I thought I had nothing left. That’s a pretty good feeling.

Getting to tuck into lots of yummy Christmas treats for the sake of blogging is a pretty good feeling too! I came up with loads of fun, tasty, festive recipes for blogmas that I don’t think I would’ve got away with any other time of year. Believe me, no-one blinks an eye if you’re making prosecco lollies and Baileys hot chocolates at Christmas. It’s practically the done thing, right? I’ve enjoyed getting festive in general really, using blogmas as an excuse to throw myself into Christmas more than ever.

hot chocolate mug

But it’s not been without obstacles. Uploading every day is hard, man. Coming up with something worth writing about every day is hard. Taking, sourcing and editing photos every day is hard. And, really, just finding the time – especially when you’re thinking about buying pressies, visiting loved ones, all the usual Christmas malarkey – is probably the hardest part of all. Sometimes I’ve sat up until gone midnight just to knock something up and make sure it’s posted for the day (even if that means it doesn’t actually get published on the day as far as a 24-hour slot goes, but we don’t need to get all technical do we?). It takes a lot of dedication, a lot of ideas and a lot of time – time you don’t always have. The feeling of letting yourself down if it looks like you might not get a post done is horrible – but it spurs you on too, and I think that’s what kept me going to the end of the challenge.


So, again, thanks for sticking with #ThisGirlEats while we’ve been on our blogmas adventure, whether you checked in for one day or the whole 24-day extravaganza.

Have a lovely Christmas! 🎄



One thought on “BLOGMAS: What I’ve Loved (and Hated) About Completing My Blogmas Challenge

  1. I have just found your blog and am ready to binge read all your blogmas posts👍 Congrats on doing blogmas, it was so fun- I also did it too💞 Xx Raff


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