RECIPE: Pepperoni Pizza With a Tortilla Base | #ThisGirlEats

We all know pizza is the LAST thing we should eat if we’re watching our weight. Carbs, cheese, greasy toppings… Ew.

But we also know that it’s probably the best food on God’s given earth and life without it just isn’t worth living – and no, I’m not being dramatic, this is genuinely how I feel about pizza.

So I’ve come up with a classic #ThisGirlEats alternative to hang onto that healthy, balanced diet and still not miss out. By making a pizza at home you’re already cutting the calories, but using a wholewheat tortilla as the base instead of going full-on deep crust does wonders. I’ve done the maths and this recipe equals out to about 470 calories per pizza. That’s less than 500 calories for a WHOLE. GODDAMN. PIZZA. Good times.

joey pizza


So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 1)

1. The last thing you want is a soggy bottom (shout out to my fellow GBBO fans) so spread the tiniest amount of oil or cooking spray across a frying pan and heat it up.

2. The oil/spray shouldn’t take too long to heat. Once it does, lay the tortilla flat in the pan and immediately spread the passata sauce all over it, right to the edges, then top with torn mozzarella (make sure it’s drained otherwise you’ll get a puddle on your pizza!), pepperoni, mushroom and dried basil.

3. When the mozzarella begins to melt, sprinkle  a light layer of low fat grated cheese on top – I used cheddar, but it’s personal preference really.

4. The toppings will begin to cook and the grated cheese will begin to melt. Once everything looks like it’s almost cooked, pop it under the grill for a couple of minutes to crisp up the tortilla and ensure everything melts together nicely. And that’s it!


The best thing about creating your own pizza at home is that the toppings are completely down to you! It’s the beauty of choice. Pick something that works for you – and hey, if that’s pineapple on pizza then go for it, there’s no judgement here. I chose pepperoni and mushroom so I’ve listed those below, but you can swap those out for whatever you’d like.

1 Wholemeal Tortilla WrapMexican Style Wholemeal Tortillas – 75p – ASDA
1/3 Carton of PassataEveryday Value Passata – 35p – Tesco
1/2 a Ball of Light Mozzarella (approx 65g)Lovilio Mozzarella, Light – 45p – Lidl
Sprinkling of Low Fat CheeseHalf Fat Mature Grated British Cheese – £1.84 – ASDA
5 Slices of PepperoniThe Meat Deli Co. Danish Pepperoni – 89p – ASDA
2 Mushrooms, ChoppedFarm Stores White Mushrooms – 68p – ASDA

There is a hefty dose of seasoning that goes with this recipe – but don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated! When preparing the passata, pour it into a bowl first before heaping it onto the pizza and stir in some dried garlic flakes, mixed herbs, a pinch of dried chilli flakes, salt and pepper. When you’re adding toppings to the pizza, sprinkle over a generous helping of dried basil.

tortilla pizza


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