RECIPE: Gooey Mixed Bean & Rice Quesadillas | #ThisGirlEats

Got a big appetite but looking for something low maintenance and healthy? Same. Literally every day. Finding something that 1) curbs my cravings, 2) isn’t too demanding, and 3) doesn’t instantly add an unwanted three pounds, can be so hard. It’s like some mythical being, a legend told in days gone by.. is it even possible, we wonder?!

Yes, yes it is! These quesadillas are super filling (hello carb heaven! 🌯), really easy to create (hello microwave 👩‍🍳) and are vegetarian friendly (hello guilt free food! 🌱) … Alright, so it’s not entirely guilt free. It’s around 850 calories per person – soz. But like I said, it’s honestly so filling – the satisfaction outweighs the numbers!

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 1)

1. Cook the rice according to packet instructions (I’m lazy and use the microwave, takes about 30 minutes).

2. Heat the beans – again, according to instructions (and again, I’m lazy, so I nuke them in the microwave). Stir these into a bowl with the cooked rice.

3. Throw the chopped pepper and onion into a hot frying pan with a little cooking spray and fry until they soften, then stir these in with the beans and rice to make a chunky, yummy filling.

4. Lay a wholemeal tortilla flat in a dry pan and spread the bean, rice and veg evenly, leaving small gap between the mixture and the edge of the tortilla. Sprinkle a hefty dose of cheese – don’t worry, I won’t judge – on top.

5. Heat until the cheese begins to go all gooey and melty and delicious, then lay another tortilla over the top. Kinda like a sandwich! Quickly pop the pan underneath the grill and cook until the top tortilla crisps up.

Two Wholemeal Tortilla WrapsMexican Style Wholemeal Tortillas – 75p – ASDA
70g Brown RiceGolden Sun Long Grain Brown Rice Easy Cook – 99p – Lidl
Half Cup Low Fat Grated CheeseHalf Fat Mature Grated British Cheese – £1.90 – ASDA
Half Can of Mixed Beans in Tomato or Chilli SauceMixed Beans in Tomato Sauce – 50p – ASDA
Half Bell Pepper, Chopped (any colour)Red Pepper – 39p – Lidl
Half Medium Onion, ChoppedBrown Onions – 15.8p – Tesco

To make this recipe really zing, throw as much seasoning at it as you possibly can! Dried coriander, salt and pepper can go in with the rice as it cooks, and some dried garlic flakes, chilli flakes and a touch of paprika can go in the pan with the onion and peppers to give the whole thing a kick.



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