I started this year so full of beans. Armed with cheesy resolutions, pretty Paperchase planners and crazy ideas for the new year, I was absolutely determined that this was it. I wouldn’t get lazy, I wouldn’t let things slide – how could I, with all this great inspiration and motivation to keep me going?! Nothing would stop me, not this time.


Of course, that didn’t last. I live in the real world and, sometimes, the real world hands you a crappy week, a stuffy cold, a foul mood and an insatiable craving to stuff your face that you just can’t ignore 🍟🍔🍕 These things happen but, if you’ve held onto that initial spark of hope that started you on your journey, you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get on with things.

But what happens when your motivation starts to slide?

I’m naturally quite chilled out. That, partnered with a habit of being somewhat pessimistic and often beating myself down, is a slippery slope to spending hours on the sofa in same hoodie watching Netflix for the third weekend in a row, living vicariously through social media.

When you get to that stage, it’s a lot harder to just throw yourself back into the swing of things. You realise you don’t even know what the swing of things is anymore. You get stuck in a rut, which is somewhere I’ve unfortunately wound up.

However, I refuse to let this last. I’m setting out to reclaim my bright, optimistic attitude that kicked off the year because I SO want to get out of the rut – but how to get myself motivated again? 🤔

just do it gif

Well, first thing’s first – what actually motivates me? I’m sick of being down about how I look; this was going to be the year where all that changed. I want to lose a few pounds, sure, but more importantly, I want to be happy, I want to feel good about myself. Truly good about myself, you know? That feeling of proper fed-up-ness when my jeans don’t fit anymore is something I’m pretty done with now.

I guess the next thing to ask myself would be, how do I make motivation work for me? I’ve not got the ‘New Year’ buzz anymore, so it’s all down to me to create my own motivation. For me, this all comes down to routine and planning. Having a ‘To Do’ list forces me to crack on, planning things out in a journal gets my creative juices flowing, and sticking to a self-care schedule really helps me – I’m a creature of habit, so if I get into a routine then it’ll all soon become second nature.

Even writing about it is getting me all jittery and raring to go, so hopefully this will be the thing to kickstart my motivation again! How do you stay motivated? Leave a comment and let me know – maybe it’ll help me on my journey! 💕


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