Life is full of responsibilities. As we grow up, we convince ourselves it’s just part of “adult life” but, when you think about it, it’s not really at all.

Think about the crippling insecurities you experienced as a teenager and how “fitting in” felt like an exhausting daily chore. Think of the immense pressure of exams, especially when getting into uni or college depended on them. Responsibilities are always there, no matter how “grown up” you are, or aren’t – even if they seem trivial later on (for example, I honestly don’t think anyone has ever asked me about my GCSE results. Or my degree, for that matter).

It’s easy to get wrapped up in responsibilities – and not just the big, scary ones. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent washing up, replying to emails, waiting for a bus.. all the little things that seem so banal, but need doing. Our lives wouldn’t function without them. They seem like little things but, believe me, they take their toll. Just because you’re not a high-flying CEO, parent to quadruplets and Mother freakin’ Teresa doesn’t mean you don’t get worn down. It’s all relative, right?

go to bed gif

Taking time for yourself gives you a chance to stop, breathe and let go of that non-stop mental To Do list. It’s not selfish to look after yourself, it’s bloody vital! And it’s different for everyone, too. There is no “right” way to self-care and you shouldn’t let anyone else’s perceptions of what you do to unwind make you feel bad. You’re not selfish, you’re not reckless, you’re not lazy. You’re human, and you deserve a break.

So go online shopping and splurge until you’ve spent more than your weekly food shop. Run a bath and hog the bathroom until someone bangs on the door busting for a wee. Dye your hair, even if everyone says turquoise will never suit you. Wander off for hours in the sunshine, stay cuddled up in your duvet, book that spontaneous holiday, organise your kitchen utensils (just me? okay). Whatever you want, just grab a few hours to yourself and do it.

Me? I’m going to buy a load of cosmetics that I definitely can’t afford, cook up some new recipes and play The Sims for a solid three hours. Peace out ✌🏻


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