Friends is my favourite TV show. In the world. Ever. I’ve loved it since new episodes were aired on Channel 4 and sponsored by Jacob’s Creek. I switched on the reruns before school every morning. I taped the final ever episode on our family’s VCR and rewatched it over and over again. I’ve owned two complete Friends boxsets, the standard AND extended editions. There’s not a single quote in the whole ten seasons that I can’t quip the next line to. So believe me, I know those characters inside out.

Because of that, I know Monica kinda sucks. I’m very aware. They’ve all got their flaws – Rachel is spoilt, Phoebe is bizarre, Joey is dumb, Chandler is irritating and Ross is selfish, but Monica seems to grate on people more than most. Whether it’s her neurotic cleaning, her mad competitive streak, her desperation to please people or her “rules help control the fun!” attitude, she seems to be the least likeable personality of the bunch.

need to please monica.gif

But having watched the series countless times, especially as I’ve grown up, I’ve realised something. I’m Monica. I am SO Monica! Alright, so forget the competitiveness, but everything else about me is just “Monica” through and through. But I’ve decided not to let it bother me – in fact, I’ve decided to own it! There are lots of reasons that I think “pulling a Monica” is pretty damn great.

Monica gets shit done. Who made sure everyone had all their stuff together before flying to London? Who packed up Rachel’s WHOLE room the night before she moved out? Who cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the entire group every year? Monica. She always gets the job done.

monica dress gid.gif


Monica strives to be the best she can be. She might be crazy organised and over-eager, but she’s always competing against herself to be better. Not to prove anything to anyone else, but just to herself.

losing to a girl


Monica is a badass cook. She knows her stuff when it comes to cooking, not to mention she beat overeating as a teen to become a fit, healthy adult who still has a great relationship with food.

cake amazing


Monica is a strong woman. Yes, she’s controlling and she’s bossy, but she likes to be in charge because she knows she can handle things. Nothing phases her.

annoying me


Monica is someone who, despite her faults, everyone wants to hang with. She might be a little annoying, but Monica shows over and over she’s a great hostess, and friend. People love her food, she throws parties for her pals, everyone wants to chill in her apartment and, when she move across the hall to the guys’ place, she makes a HUGE effort to accommodate everyone so that people still have an awesome time in her home.


Monica RULES!

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