My Travel Wish List – What I’d Do, Where I’d Stay, And What I’d Eat! | #ThisGirlEats

Sitting in the office looking out the window on a gloriously sunny day (some of which FINALLY arrived last week!) leads to the inevitable – one minute my fingers are tapping on the desk, the next they’ve crept over to the keyboard and are typing “last minute summer holiday deals” into Google.

I’m not going on holiday this year 😭 but a girl can dream! These are my the holidays that currently top my wish list, and I’ll be continuously looking them up online (and sobbing to myself) until someone is kind enough win the lottery and donate the proceeds to my holiday funds. No? No-one?


What would I do? Wander the bays on lazy walks as the sun sets, take in the gorgeous rustic scenery on the outskirts of the city and absorb the history that Naples has to offer.
Where would I stay? Naploart, in the heart of Naples.
What would I eat? Naples is the BIRTHPLACE of pizza, my favourite food in the world. It’d be like the mothership calling out to me. Of course, Italy is full of culinary delights but tasting classic Naples pizza at its best would be a real highlight for me.

we like pizza


What would I do? I’ve actually visited LA once before but, unfortunately, it was a only flying visit at best. I’d love spend some real time revelling in LA – checking out the showbiz spots, drinking on the Sunset Strip (ah, the perils of visiting the USA aged 20..), strolling Santa Monica pier and, of course, giving in to my inner child and going to the original Disneyland parks.
Where would I stay? Hollywood Roosevelt, a true piece of showbiz history.
What would I eat? We’d have to try an In-N-Out burger for sure! I’d also love to dine at a window seat on Rodeo Drive in the hopes of spotting a celeb, and take a picnic of American goodies to Griffith Park and have lunch on the hills overlooking Hollywood.


What would I do? Shop ‘til I drop and, when that eventually tires me out, I’ll make my way to the beach and sunbathe until an evening in the city calls.
Where would I stay? Pere IV, contemporary and stylish.
What would I eat? Spanish food is rich in seafood – unfortunately, I don’t eat seafood. But I do love a tapas bar and I reckon I could happily pick at mini dishes of Spanish meatballs and patatas bravas all holiday long.


What would I do? Go full-on tourist! The colosseum, Trevi fountain, Sistine chapel, the Spanish steps, I’d smash through them all! I’d also take a moment to visit the beautiful boutiques and high-end shops – Rome is one of world’s fashion capitals, after all.
Where would I stay? Romanico Palace Hotel and Spa, for one of the most romantic cities in the world.
What would I eat? I’d take the opportunity to experience some of my favourite foods – pizza, pasta, gelato, ciabatta – at their height of perfection. Authenticity can elevate even the simplest of food, and you can’t get much more authentic than the heart of Italy.


What would I do? I’d go to Orlando for the only reason anyone goes to Orlando – the parks, duh! I think Disney World and Universal Studios are destinations that top my holiday wish list right now and I’m saving my pennies in hope! Two weeks hopping between theme parks and water parks, revelling in the Disney magic and marvelling at the movies in Universal, is a bloody dream to me. And all in the glorious Florida sunshine too!
Where would I stay? Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, a safari right outside your window.
What would I eat? Disney treats! This place has so much food unique to its parks that it really is your only chance to try them! I’d be snacking on Mickey Bars, Dole Whip, the turkey leg… Oh, not to mention eating my way around the world at Epcot.

mickey fantasia gif


What would I do? Um. Let’s keep this PG, shall we? I’d spend my days cycling through the streets and spend my nights sneaking into cool European underground clubs and bars – with a day spent at the Anne Frank museum somewhere in between.
Where would I stay? Private luxury studio, a cool apartment in a cool city.
What would I eat? Brownies. The less said about that, the better.


What would I do? I’ve been to a few Greek islands but never made it to the mainland, which looks totally different to the island way of life. A mix between historical sightseeing and beach days in the sweltering heat that Athens summers are known for suit me just fine.
Where would I stay? Melia Athens, with a pool perfect for that Greek sun.
What would I eat? Slovakis and gyros galore, not to mention lamb cooked to perfection and seasoned with the freshest herbs and olive oil. Yum.


What would I do? Again, New York is somewhere I’ve been lucky enough to briefly visit, but once is never enough! I’d like to tick a couple more things off the tourist checklist – Statue of Liberty, Central Park, a Broadway show, etc. But after all that, actually having some time to just take it all in instead of rushing about like a maniac would be just lovely.
Where would I stay? Hudson New York, Central Park, because I can’t imagine waking up to a more beautiful view.
What would I eat? Honestly? I’d go on a great big all-American binge – huge dollar slices of greasy pepperoni pizza, street vendor hot dogs piled with ketchup and mustard, juicy hamburgers with pickles and fries, golden toasted bagels smothered in butter, warm Reuben sandwiches spilling out salty beef and Swiss cheese, sweet waffles and pancakes drenched in syrup for breakfast.. oh, the list could go on and on..

nyc gif

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