Films That Leave Me Thinking, Damn, I’m FABULOUS! | #ThisGirlEats

I’m a bit of a movie nerd. Not big time (I’ve not even seen The Godfather, who am I kidding…) but I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty impressive collection of DVDs and film pop culture around the house, and I’d spend every evening at the cinema if I had the time – or the money!

Movies can make you cry, pick you up, and have you feeling emotions you didn’t even know you had. They can spark obsessions, sayings, and cult followings, as well as changing knowledge, perception and ideas. They’re wonderful, gorgeous things that I adore, and these are just a few movies I like to watch when I’m feeling down that remind me to say, hey, you – yeah, you’re awesome!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror is one of my favourite musicals in the entire history of musicals, anyone who knows me knows it’s close to my heart (literally – the words “Don’t dream it, be it” are tattooed across my collarbone). It’s such a positive, empowering movie that I’d encourage anyone to watch it even if you don’t consider yourself much of a broadway baby. Sure, it’s a little, um, “out there” and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, but the message (and awesome ’70s rock ‘n’ roll!) makes it worth watching. It’s all about acceptance, embracing a more free, liberating way of life and feeling comfortable – sexy, in fact – in your own skin. It makes me feel like a suspender-wearing, stage-strutting diva every time!


Bend It Like Beckham

The ’00s Brit flick was always on telly when I was a kid and really reminds me of rainy Sundays on the sofa. We follow Jess, a young Asian woman conflicted between her family’s expectations and her passion for footie, and I think that’s a pretty familiar feeling – I’ve definitely experienced conflict between other people’s expectations of me and how I actually wanna live my life. Although it might not always turn out rosy like it eventually does for Jess, Bend It Like Beckham still sends a message, especially to young girls, that says, “You can do it – not only that, but you should do it!”

bend it like gif

The Devil Wears Prada

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a journalist. Not a straight-laced BBC reporter or anything like that – no, I wanted to be a music journalist, weaving my way through sticky-floored venues and engaging with some of the most exciting minds of our time. That’s how it was gonna work out in my head, anyway. In reality, I never felt cool enough to do it; I’m clumsy, I’m shy and the idea of having to “work a room” makes me cringe. But The Devil Wears Prada changed my perception that you had to fit in with the cool kids to even stand a chance in an industry like that. Andy walks into that office completely out of place but she excels at the job, wins everyone over and turns out on top – nothing as silly as bad fashion sense is going to stop her!

devil wears prada gif.gif


There’s nothing to make you feel like you can go out and take on the world quite like a story of sheer determination, and that’s exactly what I get when I watch Joy. My babe Jennifer Lawrence plays the part of Joy Mangano, a woman who, despite a series of family troubles and dead-end jobs, pursues her dreams and becomes self-made millionaire. She’s strong, but doesn’t bulldoze her way through the world; Joy experiences the same doubts we all do when we take a leap of faith. I often feel like I’m too “normal” to really achieve some of the things I’d like to, as though they only happen to a special sort of person but, hey, Joy was pretty darn normal too. If she can makes millions from a Miracle Mop, I can blog for a living. Right?

joy film2.gif

The Breakfast Club

God, I love a Brat Pack classic. The Breakfast Club is a true icon of ’80s film, if you haven’t seen it then WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?! The first time I watched The Breakfast Club I was around 20 and I remember thinking, “Daaaamn, I wish I watched this as a teenager!” When you’re confused in a whirlwind of puberty and peer pressure, it’s hard to find who you really are; it’s even harder to accept it. The Breakfast Club peels back high-school cliques to prove that, underneath, we’re all just a bunch of crazy, mixed-up kids trying to get through the day. The Breakfast Club taught me that we’re all different, but also kinda the same too, and it’s okay if other people don’t quite “get you” because you probably don’t quite get them either. Just be kind! 😊

simba dvds

10 Things I Hate About You

C’mon, be honest. We’ve all succumbed to the charms of an idiot, haven’t we? What I’ve always loved in 10 Things I Hate About You is how Kat takes absolutely no crap from Heath Ledger’s Patrick, who would’ve had me at “Hey there, girly“! Kat is moody, rebellious and kinda antisocial (preach!) and doesn’t do things just to be popular. She doesn’t care about what’s cool, she only cares about what she believes in. In school, I isolated myself at times because I liked different things, or thought a different way, and sometimes that made me feel like a bit of a loser; but, like Kat, sticking to my guns actually made me pretty damn awesome.

kat 10things.gif

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

‘Wallflower’ is definitely a word I’d use to describe myself at times. Certain social situations make me shrink, and I can go from life and soul of the party to, literally, a wilting wallflower. And, truthfully? I hate it. It’s so frustrating! It’s like a little bubble of extrovert inside me just waiting to pop, which is how I imagine the protagonist, Charlie, felt until he met Patrick and Sam (Emma Watson totally rocked her gorgeous short hair debut after Harry Potter, I don’t care what anyone says). Sometimes all it takes are a couple of fierce, fearless friends to make you come alive, and I feel super grateful that I have some amazing people around me.

perks of



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