London is the city that keeps on giving. When you think you’ve seen every sight, been to every theatre, stopped at every tube station, there’s always something new to experience. My most recent trip included ferrying across the Thames in horrific thunderstorms, drinking cocktails in Canary Wharf and pretending to be posh in Selfridges, all things I’ve certainly never done before!

At uni London on the fly was no big deal, I practically lived down the road. But now I’m a bit further afield, the train costs more, the journey takes longer, and I have that whole boring adult life thing going on, it doesn’t leave much room for jaunts into the city. But I try to get in for special occasions, such as birthdays – more specifically, my mum’s birthday this year, for which she wanted an overnight stay across the water from Canary Wharf.


We had all these plans but, unfortunately, the British weather completely washed out our first day. And, of course, in a thunderstorm like something outta Twister (great ’90s disaster movie about some big-ass tornado, if you haven’t seen it) the place to stay is a hotel on the water, only accessible by ferry! You should’ve seen us, like drowned rats in summer dresses, what a sight… ⛈️


But we didn’t let that hold us back! We spent the afternoon scoffing down a huge meal at the nearest restaurant (Zizzi, no complaints!)… and a bottle of wine… and a couple of cocktails each..! We had to swap a night on the town for several bottles of Prosecco in the hotel room but, hey, what’s wrong with that?!


Luckily things brightened up in the morning so we ventured into central London. We  ticked at least one thing off of mum’s birthday list – visiting the rooftop restaurant at Selfridges, Alto by San Carlo. It was beautiful, from the exclusive elevator to the flowery archways.


The waiters couldn’t be more helpful (maybe a little TOO chatty for me, but that’s because of my adversity to, you know, people) and we couldn’t believe this fancy restaurant only charged £8.50 for a lasagne – bargain, right?! Obviously until the waiter explained that the meals are “medium sized to share” – the prices made much more sense then! It was a lighter lunch than we expected, but lovely all the same.


Of course, that didn’t mean we didn’t sneak a McDonald’s cheeseburger on the train home..! 🙊


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