Why Can’t I Kick the Junk Food for Good? | #ThisGirlEats

I say I wanna get rid of junk food “for good”, but that doesn’t mean “forever”. There’s a big difference. I don’t want to never, ever eat junk food again; imagine a life without takeaway pizza! 🍕 It’s not occasional fast food I want to banish, it’s the junk food binge fests and the impossibility to say no – and mean it! – that needs to be surgically removed from my lifestyle.

The problem is, I just don’t know how. Whenever I’ve had a hard day, or don’t fancy what’s in the fridge, or even just feel like I deserve a treat, my fingers twitch towards the Dominos app and next thing I know, BAM, twenty quid down the drain and another night of scoffing pizza until we’re sprawled out unable to move in a state of food comatose. I just can’t help myself. I know that’s the oldest excuse in the book and militant health freaks will say there’s “no such thing“, but I just can’t get over the hurdle of feeling like I really, truly can’t resist.

andy april pizza

I honestly don’t know why the urge to order in overwhelms my willpower. I’m not a lazy cook, I’m not callous about my weight or health, and I’m not uneducated when it comes to food. I’m desperate to make a change, but when the junk food seed is planted, it wriggles its way into my brain and burrows deep down until I literally can’t ignore it. Nothing else satisfies that craving and no amount of alternatives will shift the insatiable impulse to get something I’ll definitely feel guilty about later.

But it’s causing serious damage to my credit card and my waistline, and it needs to stop. Now.

How do I go about that? Let’s see… I could use the takeaway money to instead buy ingredients for a recipe I’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t really afford. I could compare the money I’d spend on junk food to healthier foods like exotic fruits and purchase that instead. I could remind myself of the “bigger picture” things I’d rather spend money on, like holidays, days out or home improvements. I could choose one Saturday night each month as a treat night where takeaways are allowed, that way I can still look forward to a little fix without unnecessary midweek binges.

treat yoself

I’ll try to stop myself obsessively browsing JustEat every time the thought of ordering in flickers through my mind, but it’s a nasty vice that has me well and truly in its grip. I’m worried I’ll be stuck there forevermore.

So, it’s now or never. I’ll either be in a (hopefully) healthier, happier place in six months’ time, or you’ll catch me on one of those trashy TV shows about people who gain 200 pounds and can’t roll over in bed without getting out of breath. I guess the outcome is down to me.



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