RECIPE: Chunky Vegetables & Rice in a Creamy Sauce | #ThisGirlEats

Double cream is a bit naughty, isn’t it? It conjures up the idea of wickedly indulgent desserts and things you shouldn’t eat but just can’t resist. It’s certainly not something we usually associate with healthy eating!

But in this case, my alternative to a takeaway curry* is still deliciously smooth and creamy but actually full of health benefits, especially when compared to the usual local curry house fare (which I love, btw! 😍) Instead of lashings upon lashings of cream and meat swimming in oil and grease, this mild vegetarian version combats the double cream with fresh vegetables such as spinach, bursting with vitamins and nutrients, as well as brown rice, full of fibre and providing bags of long-lasting energy. 💪

*DISCLAIMER: this isn’t a curry. It doesn’t have any curry flavours, it hasn’t got spice and it’s not made with that in mind. This is a mild recipe that mimics a curry in its substance – vegetables in a creamy sauce with rice – but with a different take. They’re like distance cousins twice removed, and this is a great option when you fancy something along those lines.

yum gif

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 2)

1. Cook the rice according to packet instructions – mine usually takes around 30 minutes but obviously microwaveable pouches only take a few minutes (bonus, easy option!).

2. Add the potato and onion to a frying pan, along with the dried garlic, and soften on a medium heat for 5 – 10 minutes – try your best not to let those pesky potatoes stick because, believe me, they’ll give it a good go!

3. Add the mushrooms, double cream and crumbled stock cube to the pan, ensuring it’s on a low heat and the cream is poured in slowly so it doesn’t split. Cook gently for 10 minutes.

4. For the final 5 minutes of cooking, add the spinach and combine the whole lot together. Serve the rice and top with the creamy vegetable mix.

1 Medium Potato, ChoppedBaking Potatoes – 50p – Lidl
1 Medium Onion, ChoppedGrower’s Selection Onions (by weight) – 15p – ASDA
5 Medium Mushrooms, SlicedMushrooms Greengrocer – 65p – Sainsbury’s
200g SpinachTender Baby Spinach – 60p – ASDA
300ml Double CreamFresh British Double Cream – 89p – Aldi
140g Brown RiceGolden Sun Long Grain Brown Rice Easy Cook – £1.05 – Lidl
Vegetable Stock Cube12 Stock Cubes Vegetable – 39p – ASDA

I wanted to keep this one mild so the seasoning is quite simple. Dried garlic flakes go into the pan with the potatoes while in with the cream and stock cube goes some dried basil and dried thyme, as well as the usual salt and pepper.



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