What Even Is Comfort Food in the Summer?! | #ThisGirlEats

Recently I caught a really nasty viral infection which basically left me bedridden for two days, barely able to walk from one room to the next and running a constant temperature. What was perhaps the most telling sign that I was ill was that I had no appetite, I hardly even picked at food and skipped almost every meal – VERY unlike me!

can i eat it

Of course most people find themselves coming down with something in the winter but oh no, not me – my body chooses the height of summer to basically shut down. When my appetite did finally start to pick up again, I still didn’t feel like cooking or eating anything with much effort – but what even is summer comfort food?

It’s easy in the winter, you’ve got all kinds of nice, warming, soothing comfort food – bowls of soup, slow cooked casseroles, family roast dinners, spicy curries… the list is endless! But in the summer, any one of these would be the last thing I’d want! So what food does help when you’re ill in the middle of a heatwave?


These juicy nuggets of goodness honestly nursed me back to health. I was dehydrated but gulping down water hurt my throat and it was so hot that a proper meal turned my stomach. This bunch of grapes was like the Holy Grail of “Get Better Soon!” food; bite-size pieces, sweet juice and natural sugar basically brought me back to life. 🍇

Cold, smooth and sweet, what more could you need during a bloody heatwave? When I didn’t have much of an appetite, my little pots of fruit yoghurt were the perfect amount of food, not to mention they they were about the only thing that didn’t scratch my throat to death. Thank God!

Beans on toast 
To be fair, this works all year round. Beans on toast is literally top tier comfort food (for us Brits at least – I know other parts of the world think it’s a bit weird). It was my only actual meal for over 48 hours and it was warm, nourishing and pretty much perfect, without being too heavy or too much effort. Lazy food = sick day food.


Ice cream 
Sadly, I didn’t actually get to eat any ice cream this time, but clearly this is the obvious choice when it’s hot and you’re feeling under the weather. Ice cream is just the best. 🍦


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