Of course eating well and exercising is important, but being healthy isn’t always about what you eat and how often you get off your butt and do some squats. There are many, many ways to look after yourself and all the aspects of your life. What about healthy relationships? What about a healthy mind? What about keeping your body healthy, in more ways than one?

It’s really difficult to keep life “well-rounded” – as soon as you think you’ve got one thing under control, something else goes off the rails! But these are just a few ways that I think could help me to keep every part of my life ticking over, and I hope they help you do the same!

1. Call your parents.

2. FaceTime your best friend.

3. Plan a date night.

lady tramp spag

4. Make an effort to talk to your work colleagues about their lives outside of the workplace.

5. Message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a little while, not because you want or need something – just to catch up.

6. Spend some quality cuddle time with your pets. Unconditional pet love is a wonderful thing.

cat hug

7. Spend a day watching movies that make you feel good, no matter how cheesy they may be.

8. Try to switch off social media. For a day, an hour, whatever you can.

9. Write a list of all the positive things that happened to you today. Or a list of the things you love about yourself. Or get your partner or friend to write down all the things they love about you.

10. Switch off for a day. Don’t do housework, chores, homework, odd jobs.

bruno mars

11. Spend some time outside. Go for a walk, hang in the garden, sit on the grass.

12. Have a day completely make up free.

13. Take a long bath with bath bombs, music, a book – and don’t let ANYONE interrupt!

chandler bath

14. Cook one of your favourite meals from scratch and savour the feeling of satisfaction. Or ask your partner or housemate to cook dinner for you.

15. Keep a journal or a diary and find ten minutes every day to just sit and write. Get all your emotions out on the page.

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