I’ve said before how Friends is my favourite TV show. Once or twice, right? 😉

Since the show finished in 2004 (HOLY CRAP how has it been that long?!) it’s never really gone away. But it has had a new lease of life since being released on Netflix, with a whole new audience suddenly being interested and some old fans revisiting their youth.

old friends gif

This refresh has led to people commenting on the show in a much more negative light than its previous untouchable status as America’s sitcom sweetheart. I, for one, am not okay with this!

I understand that, in many ways, Friends has become outdated. Some of the jokes aren’t politically correct and, while none are really mega-offensive, they’re questionable at best. The format of the show is predictable (or is that just because we’ve seen it so many times?) and probably wouldn’t make such a splash in the comedy world today. The references, fashion and hair are also incredibly of their time – even though we still love The Rachel!

rachel hair

In lots of ways, especially more traditional ways, Friends hasn’t really stood the test of time. But there are many ways in which is has!

When you are introduced to the show at a young age, before you start questioning things quite so much, and you grow up with these characters, you warm to them. You understand their flaws but, like an annoying mate you’ve known since primary school, you can’t help but love them.

If, like me, you’ve been surrounded by these characters pretty much your entire life, you end up seeing yourself and your loved ones in them. For example, I definitely see myself in Monica without a doubt! But I’m also a bit of nerd, like Ross. I’m a little eccentric, like Phoebe. I can definitely be a ditzy girl, like Rachel. I’m horribly awkward and terrible at socialising, like Chandler. And, finally, I’m all about family, just like Joey.

im monica

These characters might be picked apart online now but, if they relate to yourself and the people in your life, they’ll always mean something to you.

Their quotes and quips find their way into your daily life, their pop culture decorates your home, you watch, and re-watch, and re-watch again… Because it’s so ingrained in so many of our lives, it inevitably stands the test of time – at least for as long as we will!


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