I used to really hate the winter. When getting out of bed feels like stepping into the Arctic, the dark evenings that draw in early and leave you with so little sunlight you might as well be a vampire, and the rain – well, to be honest that one still sucks.

While winter might not be as uplifting as it’s summery counterpart, there’s something about these colder months that, as an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate much more than I ever thought. I never thought I’d say this but I’ll just come right out with it: I’ve fallen in love with winter.

Perhaps it’s the clothes; fluffy jumpers, comfy jeans, snuggly coats, thick tights, furry boots, I’m living for it. I’m not really a booty-shorts-and-crop-top kinda gal, so the clothes we wrap ourselves up in to brave the elements is more up my street.

Or maybe it’s the idea of cosy nights in. Sounds boring, I know, but since I’ve moved out the thought of a quiet night in with a bottle of wine, takeaway pizza and a great movie is so appealing. Doing that in the summer feels like a waste of a beautiful day but in the winter, when you can hear wind howling outside and you’ve got the heating cranked up, it is perfection.

But I think the main reason I feel an affection for winter is everything associated with it. I love Halloween parties and I still get excited for Christmas every year, no matter how old I am (especially now I’m not working stupid retail hours!). I love festive food, seeing lights twinkle above high streets, coming up with gift ideas and the buzz everyone has in the run-up to Christmas Day. And even after that’s all over, New Year’s Eve, my favourite night of the year, is right around the corner and I’m a January baby, so there’s always something to look forward to.

So forget moaning about broken umbrellas and lost gloves and cold feet – I’m loving winter this year!


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